Gosford to resume finish on trialling Wednesday 25th May 2016

Trials will progress in standard trial format, tickets must be purchased by 7.30pm for Wednesday nights & 9am for Friday mornings.


Finish on lure only no catching pen in use. Free trials available for pup, maiden & open class four dog trails, paper must be presented. 


Hoop arm used into the pen.

Finish on at conclusion of pen trials. Straight arm to be used, participants can supply their own squawker & are permitted to take muzzle off. Where greyhound finishes on to club arm muzzle must remain on. 

Testing will included filming of fields to establish benefits of hoop arm. Participants with feed back can contact vets@grnsw.com.au


GRNSW have just announced the introduction of the hoop arm to racing at Richmond from July 1, 2016. Racing will still finish into the catching pen. Further details are available here