The NSW GBOTA advises that GRNSW officials have inspected the Gosford greyhound track and declared safe and fit for racing at tomorrow’s February 6, 2018 meeting.
The inspection occurred late today following identification of stone material in the surface profile following a deep track harrow last week. Various actions have been undertaken to remove the material, with longer term strategies, including investigative works as to the stones’ origin, to be worked through with GRNSW.
Further track inspections will be undertaken tomorrow morning and at the standard pre-race inspection two hours prior to the first race.
The Gosford club’s decision to harrow last Wednesday (January 31) was undertaken following a spike in injuries at recent race meetings. The race meeting set down for Friday, February 2 was subsequently abandoned when showers on the Friday morning prevented final consolidation and preparation of the racing surface.
With racing currently taking place at Gosford twice a week, the timing of the harrow carried risk but was justified by the club against the ongoing objective of presenting the track in the safest possible racing condition. NSW GBOTA regrets the loss of the race meeting and the impact it has had on participants.