Gosford GBOTA Track Base and Track Surface Upgrade

On 16 February 2018 GRNSW made the decision to suspend racing at the Gosford GBOTA race track due to ongoing track safety concerns relative to a number of track legacy issues including an unsatisfactory stone issue throughout the track profile.

Racing was immediately transferred to Maitland GBOTA.

As a result of the track legacy issues, GRNSW developed and provided the NSW GBOTA and UTS with a proposal which outlined GRNSW’s intention to redevelop the track base, track surface, elements of the track design and to further upgrade existing racing infrastructure throughout March and April 2018.

GRNSW further scheduled a number of meetings with UTS and GRV relative to the selection of the final cambers and grades to be implemented at Gosford which included a formal inspection of the Horsham GRC track by GRNSW Track Maintenance Staff and a subsequent meeting with UTS and the NSW GBOTA.

This project will be GRNSW’s largest undertaking since the development of the Track Maintenance

Department. The track redevelopment scope of works includes but is not limited to:

• Removal of existing track sand

• Excavation and reshaping of the base layer to

new design grades and levels

• Removal of existing perimeter subsurface drain

• Removal & re-erection of partial external

perimeter fencing

• Remove existing 400m start and establish &

align a new 388m start

• Move the existing 600m start backwards to

become a 603m

• Bring forward the 731m start to a new 710m

racing distance

• Remove and reset all remaining starting boxes

& slabs (subject to final grades)

• Upgrade Irrigation System

• Provide a new variable speed lure motor with

a WHS approved enclosure

• Removal of, and, erection of new colour bond


• Repositioning of catching pen

• Remove & replace internal wire mesh fence

within dog retrieval area

• Install a GRNSW approved safety rail

• Investigate a braking system for lure motor -

ongoing discussions with SEW Euro Drive

• Relocate and establish the dog stir up pen

• Replacement and reinstatement of track profile

and racing surface

• Supply of necessary track maintenance


It is anticipated that this work will conclude in early May 2018 with a return to racing currently earmarked for mid to late May 2018. Racing will continue at Maitland GBOTA until Gosford