The NSW GBOTA this week responded to a discussion paper of the Joint Working Group that is charged with providing GRNSW with recommendations on strategic issues before the NSW greyhound industry.


The discussion paper sought feedback on the following:

  • Over-production and unnecessary euthanasia.

  • Governance.

  • Tracks as centres of excellence.

  • Grading systems.

  • Wagering and financial landscape.


NSW GBOTA chairman, Geoff Rose, said the Association’s response had remained consistent to the previously stated view that industry strategic reform was central to the future delivery of an ethical and sustainable future.


“The industry needs an overall governance framework that ensures the highest levels of integrity are in place and that all components of the industry are able to contribute professionally,” said Mr. Rose.


“We need to ensure that there is a balance between our breeding levels and racing demand.


“We need to commit at every opportunity to the highest possible animal welfare standards on a whole of life basis and to present our track network appropriately.


“A structured approach to prizemoney is also required.


“We need a satisfactory minimum base of around $1000 a win but this should not come at the compromise of prizemoney at the higher levels such as metropolitan and Group level.


“We need to increase viability at the bottom end but still leave the carrot of success at the highest level as an equally important participation driver.”  


 A copy of the NSW GBOTA submission can be found here