UPDATED: The NSW GBOTA advises members that the Association is currently undertaking a full analysis of the 2016/17 prizemoney proposal released by Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) on Tuesday, May 3.  


Available for download here, the NSW GBOTA provides participants with a comparison of the prizemoney changes across Category A1, A2, B and C racing. The analysis also has regard for the comparison between 2014/15 (pre levy), 2015/16 (animal welfare levy in place) and 2016/17 (proposed).


In addition to analysis, the NSW GBOTA has requested further information from GRNSW with regards to grading implications and proposed Group Race changes, which in the view of the Association may impact upon some participants response to the proposal.

The NSW GBOTA encourages all members to make written submission to GRNSW by May 20 with regards to the prizemoney proposal. Further information once available will also be made available on the NSW GBOTA website.

See the GRNSW 2016/17 Proposal here

Update 15/5/16:

GRNSW has included that introduction to Metropolitan racing will be graded as Category B meetings. The NSW GBOTA will assess this information and the potential impact upon Category A1 winners and their ability to receive regular races at introduction to Metropolitan, Category B and C meeting and include in the Association's final submission. 

GRNSW has also included information with regards to 2016/17 Group Race events. 

"The third proposed change will result in a reduced amount of funding being provided to clubs for Group racing prizemoney, with all savings to be redirected to the grassroots level of racing. Under the proposed arrangements, GRNSW would only allocate the Australian Greyhound Racing Association minimum prizemoney amounts to each club for their Group races (with the exception of the Golden Easter Egg) and a $10,000 allocation to clubs which do not host group events. This change should not impact funding of non-Group feature races at regional clubs"

Clubs which conduct Group events under the above proposal are set to pay prizemoney at 74% to the winner, with second and third places paid the remaining 26% (ie: 2nd: 16% & 3rd: 10%). The NSW GBOTA intends to make submission with regards to the inconsistency of this proposal verse the standard prizemoney structure of 65/20/15%. 

Based on information supplied, the below is Group event prizemoney structure from 2016/17 prior to any Club top up; 

Unp Total Final
Golden Easter Egg $ 100,000 $ 16,000  $ 9,000 $ - $ 125,000
Group 1 $ 75,036 $ 15,210 $ 9,126 $ - $ 99,372
Group 2 $ 40,004 $ 8,109 $ 4,865 $ - $ 52,978
Group 3 $ 25,012 $ 5,070 $ 3,042 $ - $ 33,124

Further, Clubs will be required to top up or in some cases fully fund standard heats and finals as well as feature events.