An announcement this week that the current Wentworth Park Trust, whose term expired on May 26, 2016, would be replaced by an Interim Administrator will not have any impact on greyhound racing activity at the city track. 

The Minister for Lands, the Honourable Niall Blair, announced last week that an Administrator would be appointed for an interim period of three months. The previous Trust included community and greyhound racing representation.  

Whilst the Minister indicated a variety of factors influenced his decision, it is important to note that the interim decision does not, in any way, impact on greyhound racing at Wentworth Park or the rights of the NSW GBOTA. 

NSW GBOTA Chairman, Geoff Rose, confirmed that greyhound racing at Wentworth Park takes place with operational rights and tenure securely in place until 2027. 

“The appointment of an Administrator as a transitional process between Trusts is not uncommon and has occurred previously at Wentworth Park,” said Mr Rose. 

“The NSW GBOTA will continue to work with the Administrator and has already met and discussed with the Administrator our immediate priorities at Wentworth Park. 

“And our longer term commitment to Wentworth Park remains in place and the principles driving that commitment are well understood by the Government.” 

In other Wentworth Park news, GRNSW has approved funding for the installation of a new track lighting system which will be progressively rolled out over the next months. 

Mr Rose explained that lighting and an upgrading of the grandstand air conditioning system were current priorities at the venue. 

“The air conditioning consideration is advanced with the intention of the new system being operational before the next summer.” 

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