The NSW GBOTA is pleased to announce the appointment of Alan Smith to the Gosford Greyhound Track Manager position.

Alan is a former member of SKY Racing and undertaken a range of roles in the not for profit sector.

In addition, he has had experience in owning and training greyhound and said this week he was excited for the management opportunity.

“Gosford is such a wonderful track, with a great community and people. I am looking forward to the challenges of the role and doing what we can to enhance the track,” Smith said.

NSW GBOTA Operations Manager said that the appointment was a positive move that now aligned Gosford with all of the Association’s full time TAB venues.

“Alan brings an array of skills to the position, and as a full time Manager, we are looking forward to seeing the growth of our Gosford venue under Alan’s management.

“Previous manager, Rachael Harrington has moved on to her own business the BBF Café Woy Woy, we wish her the best with this adventure and thank her for her time at the Association,” Harris said.

Alan will commence on September 7.

Any media enquiries can be directed to Operations Manager, Ellen Harris on 0403802022.