Race Day Trials 

After the race night trials are available to participants who have a runner in the race that night only, with the number of trials limited to the number of available kennels.


10 races = 16 trials after the last available

11 races = 8 trials after the last available

12 races = NO trials after the last available. 

Unfortunately, where Gosford has 12 races, we are unable to offer trials after the last due to both limited kennel availability as well as it being too late for us to operate. 

Race day trials should be booked ahead of time. They can be booked 


If you are unsure, please phone the office ahead of time to confirm, we do not want you to be disappointed by turning up to the track with a dog that we are unable to assist you with a trial for. 



Non Race Day Trials

Wednesday Night
Puppy / Field Trials 5.00pm - 5.20pm

All other trials: From 5.20pm 

All types of trials available.


Friday Morning

Start: 8am 
Finish on trials only. 


Participants must book ahead for all trials, including puppy and field trials. 


Bookings can be made using the On the Clock system: 


Bookings for all trials open at 9am Monday morning that week. Trials will be run according to bookings on the system. Trainers who arrive late, bring more dogs than they have booked, or make significant changes to their trials may not be able to trial, or may need to wait until the end of the session to trial. 


Any issues with accessing the trial booking system, please phone the office on 4323 4423 for assistance. 


Trial Prices
Field Trials (4 dogs) $6.00 per greyhound
Solo/ Handslips $11 per greyhound
$5.00 for extra greyhound.

Finish On "Own Squeaker" $15


Membership discount on trials - 10% - members must show their card at the time of payment.